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      Crest Process Engineering Ltd were recently aquired by Axflow and we now provide Sales, Service , Maintenance and Repair for Axflow in the South West of the UK, We continue to to supply all our previous  
       services and additionally can offer new services with the assistance of our Head Office in Slough

Argal has a forty-year history in the manufacture  of chemical pumps in thermoplastic chemical-resistant materials.
Over the last decade huge efforts have been focused on the research and develop of the entire production programme bringing together new ranges of pumps completely revised in  mechanical structure and in hydraulic performance.
Argal have a mission and drive to technically innovate and introduce well engineered High Quality pumps which both suit completely the needs of the industries served and offer excellent value for money

Horizontal Centrifugal pumps

Crest Process are proud to distribute and represent Argals'  full range of Mechanically sealed or Sealless pumps manufactured in materials to provide excellent chemical compatability to difficult / corrosive fluids, which are engineered to exceed our customers expectations
The pumps offered are the latest developements of over 40 years of research activity. Argal centrifugal pumps are designed to operate over a wide range of duties, fluids pumped and type of service, and, can be classified into two categories,
Process pumps and Service pumps.
Options of construction for Argal centrifugal pumps:
Mechanical sealed direct drive
In line with traditional pumps in Argal pumps with mechanical drive, the impeller is fixed on the extension of the motor shaft and the seal between the pump body and the motor is obtained by the faces of the mechanical seal.
This construction is mostly used for liquids laden with Solids in suspension or Viscous products, friction loss is limited to the sliding faces of the mechanical seal.
Sealless magnetic drive
When handling chemically agressive but clean liquids or liquids moderately laden with solids, magnetic drive is preferred. in this case the impeller is sealed into the casing which prevents any loss of liquid as there are no dynamic joints. Drive is provided by the magnetic link between the permanent magnets embedded in the impeller and the permanent magnets carried by the magnet drive which is mounted on and driven by the motor shaft
Long coupled
With bearing housing and separate electric motor connected by mean of elastic coupling and bolted to a common base plate.
Close coupled
Otherwise known as Monoblock pumps the pump assembly is mounted directly to the flange of the motor.
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